Chris Haindl and Chris McKaskell

Chris Haindl


Haindl enjoyed a variety of work experiences as a young man growing up in London: farm labour, road construction, catering…he started his first business during university; Perfect technique Painters. After earning a degree in Psychology he went on to study Environmental Design at The Ontario College of Art. Today he enjoys his family, his dogs, community involvement and design. He balances his work life with yoga and cycling. Much of his work is motivated by a desire for honesty in materials and craft and a longing for simple, well- thought out solutions. The challenges of operating a small creative business in a little big country like Canada are always a source of pleasure!

Chris McKaskell


McKaskell spent many of his formative years building stage sets and working behind the scenes on the technical side of theatre. Not satisfied with the ephemeral nature of this work he sought a greater sense of longevity through craft. He earned a degree from U of T in Art History and Physical Geography while working as a carpenter in the Toronto area; after which he began an intense apprenticeship which included time spent in a woodcarving studio, an antique restoration shop, two pipe organ factories and a custom cabinet/architectural woodworking shop. Outside of work he trains and teaches Martial Arts, as well as spending time with his family and working in his small kitchen garden. He loves to cook.